Inner Circumference
4.5 48 I 15.3mm 47.9mm
5 49.3 J 15.6mm 49.3mm
5.5 50.6 K 16.2mm 50.5mm
6 51.9 L 16.6mm 51.8mm
6.5 53.1 M 16.9mm 53.1mm
7 54.4 O 17.2mm 54.5mm
7.5 55.7 P 17.8mm 55.7mm
8 57 Q 18.1mm 57.1mm
8.5 58.3 R 18.5mm 58.2mm
9 59.5 S 19.1mm 59.3mm
9.5 60.8 T 19.4mm 60.9mm
10 62.1 U 19.7mm 62.3mm
10.5 63.4 V 20.4mm 63.4mm
11 64.6 W 20.7mm 64.9mm
11.5 65.9 X 21.0mm 66.2mm
12 67.2 Y 21.6mm 67.5mm
12.5 68.5 Z 22.0mm 68.7mm



Measuring Tips

Measure at Home

What Do I Need to Find My Ring Size At Home?

Want to know how ring sizes are measured at home? All you need is a pen, scissors, a ruler, and either a flexible measuring tape or string. The final piece of the puzzle is our ring size chart, which you can use once you’ve measured your finger. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

How to Measure Ring Sizes at Home?

To find your size, first, wrap the measuring tape (or string) around the base of the finger on which you plan to wear your ring. You want the string or tape to be snug, but not tight. Ideally, the measuring tape should be cloth — if you are struggling to wrap a measuring tape around your finger, just switch to a string to ensure your measurement is accurate.

Use a pen to mark the tape where it overlaps or cut the small piece of string with scissors. Then, simply measure the string in millimeters, or note how many millimeters it took to wrap the measuring tape around your finger. 


Watch the video below:-

  • Measure your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are at their largest.
  • Make sure your hands are nice and warm. If you’re cold, your finger may be up to half a size smaller than normal.
  • If using a measuring tape, or a ring sizer, make sure it fits comfortably enough not to slip off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.
  • If buying a thicker ring we would recommend you go up a size.